Friday, December 19, 2008

Next Generation Childcare Friday 19th December 08

Today we had another great day at Next Generation. We all did our own thing and had lots of fun. It was hot outside so Rachel made us a imagination hut and also we played in the shade.
We had our faces painted, played with the dress-ups and with our friends.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 2008

The lists have been written, the excitement is building, the fairies have decorated Next Generation, it’s so exciting.
I am sure you are all pleased we went to Lollipops at the end of November, wasn’t that a really nice night? For us it was nice not to worry about the rain, the stress of a concert and just be able to relax and catch up with each other.
Congratulations to Tristan’s family, on their new baby boy, Pauline’s grandson.
You may have noticed Maria has been missing for a while now. Maria has been my friend for a long time now and when she sold her centre Robins Nest in Albany, she came to work for us so she could finish her Diploma. She did this and became very excited about our ICT programme and was surprised at how much she learnt from our little centre and our fantastic teaching team, Maria is now opening another centre in Ellerslie , on the corner of Marura Rd and Ballarat St, licensed for 100 children, called Natural Steps. It is a very exciting step and we all wish her well in her new venture.
We are saying good bye to Juliette after many years, Juliette started with us in 1996. She had a few years away, as a nanny, then at another centre and came back in 2003. I have talked her into relieving at the baby centre for January. Juliette is living in Pukekohe, she has kept up the travelling most of the year, but it is finally too much. As you know Juliette is getting married in April, so there will be lots of talk about weddings and we will expect her in for the full dress up day after the wedding. Juliette will relieve for Maria in her new centre for February / March, Juliette and Warren hope to move back to the shore later in the year, so we may see her back at babies in the future. Thank you Juliette for the work you have put in over and above your job description, your support and your friendship. I hope Next Generation will remain a special part of your exciting life’s journey.
We will be having a special morning tea on the 24th to say goodbye to both Juliette and Maria
The teachers at Gatman are providing lunch for the children on the last day, it will be a fun day
We are all planning our holidays and there is always so much to do before Christmas, if you are likely to be near water or boats, remember to have a look at the fantastic deal Aaron is offering on children’s life jackets, there are two to look at in the centre.
Same old moan…..please check lost property this week.
For all everybody with children over three, I need you to resign the attestation forms so you get the maximum subsidy, unfortunately you have to specify days, I filled the forms out so Monday was not a specified day to avoid all of the statutory holidays in the year, but Christmas is not on a Monday, I will have these organised from Monday to sign, they can not be done retrospectively, so the signature date must match the date of change. It’s a pain, but it saves you lots of money.
I am sure I will see you all this week , I will be in and out enjoying your children, as I have no littlies my house at the moment. Jes is bringing her flatmates over for Christmas dinner, so that will be fun. Rachel is off to Taranaki, Lorraine to Palmerston, Pauline, Mele, Madeline, Rui, Belinda and Berne are all staying close, where ever you are, be safe and enjoy the holidays and have a lovely Christmas and New Year.
Don’t forget 3pmclose on the 24th and back to normal on the 5th of January 2009.

Merry Christmas
Maree and Teachers from both centres.

Thursday 18th December

Friday, December 12, 2008

Next Generation Childcare Friday 12th December 08

Today was a nice day at Next Generation with all the children playing well and enjoying themselves. Luke and Rachael had a good time over the day playing in the shell with some blocks, Joel and Ethan J had a great time washing the dolls clothes while a small group of boys had fun with the box and bread trays.
Thank you to Luke P who brought some trains in for the centre - they have been well used today with the children, the family area has been ustilised well with many of the girls having a great time playing with the dolls while Katie thought she would have a pretend bed under the desk.
Have a safe and happy weekend.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Next Generation Childcare Friday 5th December 08

Today at Next Generation we took part in a mixture of activities. We spent the first part of the morning inside due to the rain then after mroning tea Rachel got the water out and the children had a great time splashing and blowing the bubbles around.
Other children had great time doing their own things and some of the girls enjoyed the dance music. This afternoon all the children seemed a little tired so while some were sleeping other children relaxed in front of a dvd - there were those children that still had energy reserves to be outside and run around.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday 4th December 2008

Toby and Andrew took some photos today. They chose which photos they wanted to use for todays daily diary. They took turns at speaking into the microphone and then Toby chose the transitions and the music. Well done boys!