Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 26th February 2009

Due to Katie and Leila's interst in acrobatic movement, Bernie bought in her Cirque Du Soleil DVD. The children were fascinated with the performers and soon started trying to become performers themselves. We have seen the children swinging, jumping, rolly pollying, climbing, twisting, turning, hanging upside down and using their bodies in many different ways. There has been pole climbing, box jumping and lots of mat work. Later in the afternoon some of the children had clown face paint on.
I wonder who will be the first to learn to juggle....
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Wednesday 25th Feb 09

We have our very own dancing queens here at Next Generation. As you can see from previous posts the children really enjoy dancing to Mamma Mia music so today is a video clip showing some of our movers and groovers!! Also happening today children explored Kidpix on the laptops and found a praying mantis which they made a home for.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Carol 13022009

I enjoyed doing Photostory 3. I'd introduce to my home centre to use it on my children.

Today is my last day in Next Generation Childcare. I had a wonderful 3 weeks Practicum in Next Generation. I appreciate all of assistance from this great team, I wont forget them in my life. I will miss all of professional teachers and lovely children. Wish them all the best.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday 12th February 2009

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Today has been another sunny day and we have had a wonderful day outside. We have had bug hunts, books, sandplay, obstacle courses, water play and lots of swinging. Inside we had music, block building, car play, games, family corner play and even a POKO movie! We also had lots and lots of messy fun in the art room. Come in and check out some of your children's wonderful artwork!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Summer Fun In Next Generation 05/02/2009 by Carol

Today, we have had a wonderful day with the children in Next Generation Childcare. We spent most of the time in outdoor activities, we had Water play, Sand garden, and Flour exploration. Also, I had a opportunity to participate the update of Daily Diary. I enjoyed doing it as this is my first experience. What a great day we have!
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