Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 30th April 2010

Today our student Mira, brought in an unusual vegetable...a kohlrabi! All of the teachers and children tried the kohlrabi AND all of us liked it! So next week we are going to grow our own kohlrabi from seeds. Yum yum!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Making Bread by Mira

Hi my name is Mira Mautner and I am a student at NZTC completing my graduate diploma. I decided to bake some bread with the children for two reasons.

One - we have been largely locked in due to the renovations being done to the outside at Next Generation and baking is a lovely inside activity and two - I had a wee discussion with the children at lunchtime and they told me that they like eating bread.

I hope you like it - Cheers Mira

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday 23rd April 2010 Family Involvement,

Today has been a wonderful day! We have had loads of fun inside playing games, creating masterpieces and making up our own stories. Outside we have had obstacle courses, story reading and lots of bubbles. In the art room the children and teachers have been investigating nature with the digital microscope and the magnifying glasses.
Lots of children have brought in their special books and toys from home to share. We read a very funny book belonging to Hannah called "Who flung dung?" Everyone thought it was so funny and it got re-read many times over.
Then later in the afternoon we had a visit from Rosie and Aimee, (Bailey and Laytin's Nana and Aunty), and they brought in some very cool nail stamps. The spider and flower stamps were very popular! Thank you Rosie and Aimee for coming in and making our nails all look very cool.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NewsLetter 14th April 2010

Hi to all Next Generation Parents,

It is school holidays again and so many of you are on holiday, it feels like holiday time here. Especially with the fantastic weather that just keeps on going.

We have some exciting things happening here; remember we nominated Rachel for the National Excellence in Teaching Awards? Well she is through to the final selection and is going to Wellington on the 20th of May to speak in front of a panel for 5mins about her teaching….piece of cake for Rachel. It is very exciting as she also gets to have lunch at Parliament, and Rachel will take Ernie so they can have a fabulous weekend away.

Alex Graduated yesterday with her Teaching Degree and I went and saw her receive her cap, so it really did happen. Congratulations Alex.

Now to the most exciting, we are starting the new playground tomorrow. I know it will be an inconvenience, you will probably need to park on the road for a few weeks, but it should be great. A temporary fence will enable us to use the car park to play while this is happening, I know most of the day will be spent watching the action. It seems a shame to get rid of our lovely big slide, but we are about 40cm short to comply with the new playground regulations, we are even 50cm short for our swings, so we will have lots of movable equipment to give us more variety. The playground will be a lot flatter and more grass, when everyone else in childcare is opting for more artificial matting we are going to try and give our children a more natural environment.

We have new children starting over the next few weeks so welcome to our centre. Congratulations to Ava and her family they have a new baby girl.

There are lots of 5th birthdays over the next three months, Luke, Leila, Cole, Ethan, and Aiden and Ethan. After turning people away for the last three years we suddenly have spaces, please tell your friends about us. You are our best advertising.

I have emailed tax receipts if you didn’t get one please email me at

We have spent the last three years blogging, all the children have portfolios, if you have not been able to access these please contact me, they are fantastic, you can invite your families to be apart of the blog, and don’t forget you can subscribe to the daily blog by clicking on the RSS key.

Thanks Maree