Friday, January 28, 2011

Four year olds painting

Doolittle, Pauline's new Yacht



Sebastian and Tristan are standing on Granddad and Grandma's new yacht after Ian and Pauline christened it with water from both oceans. Happy Sailing everyone. It is so lovely.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday 19th January

Yay...the rain has come and gone for today and we are having a great time at Next Generation.
For myself it has been lovely to come back from my holiday to lots of happy cuddly children.It was nice to know I was missed.
Congratulations to Gabe and his family with the safe arrival of a little sister and daughter. We look forward to meeting her and I am sure Gabe will be very proud to show her off.
What have we done today???????
We have been very messy with the black playdough in the art room.
We have made Jess's hair very pretty.
We made a big hut inside.
Buddy had a great run around.
Sofia Hackett visited us, ready for starting next week.

Wow what a busy day.....what will happen tomorrow?