Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Newsletter

Hi Parents,

The weeks have rolled around so quickly this year, unfortunately it has been all doom and gloom in the news.

Next Generation has only positive things to report.

A fantastic ERO report, as yet unconfirmed, it will go on the ERO web page next week.

Marcus, Eva, Emma and Arni all go to school in April and May, Elora, Fifi and Bailey in June, they are all bursting with enthusiasm and excitement, they are all certainly ready for the next step, good luck and thank you for your contribution to Next Generation, please keep in touch.

We are installing a cover over the back deck for winter and summer; I know the teachers have been waiting for this since the playground was completed. This will be happening in the next few weeks.

We would really like to be outside as much as possible during the winter months, (without being stupid), can you please send along raincoats, gum boots and beanies, during the wet weather. A run in the fresh air really does wonders for the spirit, even for 5 minutes.

We have noticed some children are having a growth spurt and are eating everything in sight, if their lunch boxes are coming home empty they may need a bit more, Lorraine has a big list of ideas she will get organised.

There have been lots of signatures required, a real pain for us all, but the days the 20 hours ECE are claimed must be specified, to gain maximum benefit for you, I always specify 6 hours Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 2 on Fridays, this works for all the Statutory days except Easter, signing two changes get us back to normal until next Easter. I hope that makes sense. It is bureaucracy gone mad.

We have another round of Hearing and Vision checks for 4 year olds at 9.30am on the 20th of April, more forms to sign, if that is not your enrolled day, please bring your child in for the free check.

I know I have mentioned this on our Facebook page and our blog, but Small world in Christchurch were so appreciative of receiving our donation to their centre. Their children are busy organising a special thanks, that will be wonderful for our children, it would be nice to stay in contact as centres. The teachers in Christchurch are finding it quite difficult to stay positive surrounded by sad stories and of course their own loses. Our support has been a big pick me up.

What are the children interested in at the moment? Lots of Pirate Play and fun in the sandpit, by the girls. Construction and fishing games are being enjoyed by all. The language development happening with the little’s is amazing. It was noted at the staff meeting how caring our older boys were with the younger children, helping them on the slide and climbing equipment, this is so nice compared to all the bullying stories in the news.

Another topic in the media is gun licenses for pre schooler’s,

I think this is health and safety gone crazy, boys, (and girls) have played with guns since “Adam was a cowboy”, you will all have your own opinions, but we just try and encourage more constructive play. I will show my age now, but in the 1970’s it was a definite, No! No! Now in 2011, it’s ok as long as they have a pretend license and a gun rack…?

A big thank you to parents who keep bringing in recycle materials, this is very much appreciated and just a little note of other recyclables we would love you to collect for us: shells, untreated wood shavings, paper, cards, magazines, clean egg shells, dry onion skins, feathers, leaves etc, empty plastic containers, from the kitchen and bathroom like trigger bottles and shampoo bottles etc are so useful for art, family play and water play.

Rui and Nicole have just returned from a weekend conference in Wellington, Yeah Baby!
I am sure they will be full of exciting new ideas to try on your children.

Easter and school holidays are upon us again, I hope you enjoy the break, I know we are all looking forward to this too.

Happy Easter

Maree and all at Next Generation.