Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunny days are on the way.........

Exciting News.

Next weekend is an exciting weekend for most of us as we will be celebrating FATHERS DAY. All the children at Next Generation have been very busy with creating something special for their Dads.
To help with celebrating we are all going to get together with our Dads or another special man in our lives on Friday 31st of August at Next Generation Over Two's centre. We will be here till 7pm if you would like to come along for Fish and Chips and some fun with your child. They can show you all the exciting things they do, while here every day.
Sooooo Where: Next Generation Childcare.
What: Fish and Chip night with the special men in our lives.
What to bring:The lovely men.
Any questions.....just ask a teacher.
(So Mummy you can have the night off or you can come too)
Please RSVP by Friday morning 9am

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday 17th August

Yeehah......a day of NO RAIN. We have had a great day of playing outside and also inside. I asked some of the children what they like to do today at Next Generation.

Isabelle had a great time reading books.

Gabe did lots of puzzles.

Tyrece went on the monkey bars and the swing.

Henry Brough had lots of cuddles with Lorraine.

Leo made a sword.

Millie and Addison played together.

Meilah brought in the Gruffalo DVD for us to watch.

Isaac was the last to wake up from his nap.

Taylor from the babies came to visit.

Isaiah made fire engines with the mobilo.

A great day was enjoyed by all of us at Next Generation.
Have an awesome weekend everyone.